**ADMISSION NOTIFICATION FOR CBSE SCHOOL 2014- 2015 APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE ISSUED FROM 5th NOVEMBER 2013 FOR LKG - CLASS VIII ONLY.     **CONGRATULATIONS TO SAGAR RAO AND HURRAY TO GATEWAY.   It's a proud moment for all of us. OUR STUDENT SAGAR RAO HAS TOPPED IN INDIA IN ICT. Gateway The Complete School is one among the Cambridge Schools to give a topper in INDIA which is flashed in the list given for the Outstanding Learners awards for November 2012 Results.        **Jaai Naveen , From Grade 10 have won the First Place in the National Level ROBOTIC OLYMPIAD. He also secured NINTH place in the INTERNATIONAL ROBOTIC OLYMPIAD.        **Ashvin Jagdeesan ,from Grade 8 have cleared the FITJEE entrance and won the Academic scholarship for the next four years. GATEWAY CONGRATULATE THE ACHIEVERS!!! Proud of you Children !!!        ** Gateway The Complete School students did it again with securing many A*s and wonderful pass percentage in IGCSE and AS level examination!!!!  In IGCSE level exam VIJAYA GOPAL got 5A*s & 2As, ABHINAYA SHINE got 5 A*s & 1A,SANJEEV RAO got 4 A*s & 1 A,PRASHANTH SRIDHAR got 3A*s & 3As,SRINIKETH got 2A* & 3As,NEUNGUK KIM got 2As and DONG HWAN SIN got 2As.    In AS level examination, SAGAR RAO got 5As and SIMON ERIK GISLEN got 2As.    GTCS CONGRATULATES ALL THE STUDENTS FOR THEIR SPLENDID PERFORMANCE IN THIER EXAMINATION !        **International school award to Gateway -The complete school**       **Seminar on World History and Chinese learning at gateway International school, Neelangarai by Samuel chang and Mm.Marcia Chang from USA**        **Chinese Language Seminar at Gateway-Conducted by Dr.Yunfan Marcia Chang,San Diego,California**        **Stewards Pooi Kei College,Hong Kong visiting Gateway the complete school for the Student Exchange Programme**

Welcome to Gateway Schools in Chennai

Gateway Schools are one of the pioneering, innovative, and continually expanding educational systems. It is energized by change and the challenges of tomorrow.

We offer comprehensive education through a developmental approach.

Gateway Schools
believe in providing children with inputs and an environment that integrates individual and group, learning and playing, knowledge and values,

reasoning and creativity, along with discipline and freedom - into a seamless mix of experiences, discoveries, and structured inputs. The faculty & staff of Gateway Schools are committed to educational excellence and challenge. We believe that every child can and will learn & we must build on these positive beliefs.

We are determined to empower our students with the skills for making responsible choices.

We believe that the educational process must provide an environment in which all students are afforded an opportunity to obtain competencies that will help them survive as individuals and as members of the society.

International Award

International school award to Gateway -The complete school

We take immense pleasure in announcing that our Gateway-The Complete School got the International School Award (ISA) from British Council. It is yet another remarkable achievement by GTCS in a very short span of time.The International School Award is an accreditation given by British council to only outstanding schools for curriculum-based international work in schools. This award provides recognition for teachers and their schools working to instill a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people. The Management takes this opportunity to congratulate and thank all the staff members, Students and Parents for their support and best wishes.


Chinese Language Seminar at Gateway-Conducted by Dr.Yunfan Marcia Chang,San Diego,California

Gateway Schools are always ahead in understanding the growing need and importance of learning foreign Languages.
As an initial step, Gateway Schools conducting foreign language seminars to give our students Real Global Perspective learning experience. We take immense pleasure in announcing that Dr. Yunfan Marcia Chang from San Diego, California will conduct the language seminar .Dr.Marcia has the Honorary Doctorate degree from Friends University, Master of Ministry degree from Chesapeake Bible School and Bachelor degree in Art of Literature from Tam Kang University.She also translator of two Christian best-selling books. Her passion for teaching Chinese language and chinese cultural facts and values to Indian children made her to visit our school
Seminar on World History and Chinese learning at gateway International school, Neelangarai by Samuel chang and Mm.Marcia Chang from USA.

Samuel chang who is just 16 year old, is an expert in world history and gave his inspiring speech on world
history in many international forums. He is one of the world youngest Teachers and won many world prestigious awards in both academic and sports.He will visit our Gateway international school to speak on significant topics of world history.

Inspirational Quotes

  • "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Reputation is for time; character is for eternity. -J. B. Gough
  • Nothing of character is really permanent but virtue and personal worth. -Daniel Webster
  • Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. -Abraham Lincoln
  • Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer. -Marcia Wieder
  • Dreams are the touchstones of our character. -Henry David Thoreau

Steward pooi kei College from Hong Kong, visiting Gateway the complete school on 6th July 2012 for the Student Exchange Programme.The exchange programme aimes at

  * To investigate and compare the culture, social structure and religious situation of India and Hong Kong

  * To observe and compare 'life of poverty' and the 'giant architecture'

  * To review the moral value, social value and self-value

  * To look at the colonial/world history from the angle of India

  * To explore the topic of globalization in India

The aimes of the programme are so explicit that Gateway the complete school is on the right track in promoting and providing global perspective learning experience.