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"There are many overseas schools throughout the world that are much like GAIS. They are generally similar in their composition of students, faculty, and parents. Student populations are usually a mixture of ten to forty different nationalities, often more motivated and sophisticated than their peers in their home countries. The faculties in international schools are generally well trained, experienced, and dedicated professionals who find themselves in an school for a variety of reasons. Parent communities are an aggregate of mostly professional people who are either assigned to or elect to work in foreign countries for varying lengths of time. In these ways the schools are the same but in certain respects they are quite different and, if there is a will, they can become desirably unique which is what we would like to preserve and enhance at the Gateway American International School.

The Gateway American International School offers an American curriculum for its international and local student body. The quality of our education is enhanced by parent, teacher, student, and community cooperation. We believe in the dignity and worth of each student and that all students should have an equal opportunity for education consistent with their personal, physical, and social needs.

We believe that the development of respect for and understanding of other cultures is an essential part of the educational process. We believe that all students have civic responsibilities in an interdependent world. Cultivation of that sense of responsibility is an integral part of education. We believe that in a changing society, education should encourage in students the development of personal values and thinking processes, which will facilitate the studentís intelligent adaptation to change. We believe education should foster independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, character development, lifetime fitness, and an ongoing interest in learning.

Founded by a pioneering group of committed teachers and parents, the school strives to create a vibrant learning environment that is child-centered, international in perspective, engaging, active and critical. The Gateway American International School, a private nonprofit institution located in the Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu, was founded as a sister school of Gateway The Complete School to meet the educational needs of the children of India and International Children from around the globe. Gateway believes that developing a sense of community and a social conscience lie at the very heart of education. The mission of Gateway Schools is to foster a community of caring that nurtures the development of the whole child; academically, socially, and emotionally by enabling all students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.